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Clean, Repair & Epoxy-Seal Process


Features and Benefits
Complete Surface Waterproofing-(will seal leaking showers)
Small Even Seams

Uniform Grout Color
Color Matching
Drain Cleaning and/or Replacement
Efflorescence Removal
Grout Wont Darken When Wet
New Grout and Tile 

Your shower might need maintenance to avoid major costs and repairs. Due to improper installations or maintenance showers become a perfect atmosphere for mold/mildew and bacteria to grow. Faulty Shower pans lead to cesspool below, leaks and efflorescence problems, making it impossible to look and feel clean. 

Harsh cleaners
Creates an endless cycle and makes the surfaces much harder to keep clean.  
1. Some take a microscopic layer of grout off each time revealing a fresh clean layer, while depleting your grout and making it more acceptable for staining next time.
2. Others are simply just a whitening agent, not sanitizing or killing the mold, just disguising it.

With everyday use, dirt/grime gets imbedded within the tile and grout, making it difficult to keep clean. Grout is porous and needs sealer to maintain color.

Grout Color:
Grout can make or break your tile installation, depending on color and installation. Grout can be mixed incorrectly leaving spotty or different colors throughout and others just install the wrong color. Some lighting or uv rays can yellow your traditional white grout over time.

Most simply re-grout and re-caulk, not fixing the problem.
We execute a complete restoration process with entire clean/prep with our Tile & Grout Cleaner, replace/repair damaged grout or caulk with our 
2-part Industrial Epoxy Filler, Color coat all grout with our 2-part Pigmented Industrial Epoxy Grout Coating and clear seal all surfaces with the proper Clear Sealer​.
Creating a uniform clean and waterproofed surface to prevent any hassles. 

All included, a complete area restoration. 
Enjoy the look of a brand new area with the strength to keep it that way.  

1. Remove existing caulk and grout from all corners and expansion joints.  
2. Scrub all tile and grout with high alkaline cleaner and rinse.   
3. Scrub all tile and grout with low ph cleaner and rinse.  
4. Apply neutralizer, final rinse/retract and dry. 
5. Repair cracked, missing and low grout.   
6. Seamlessly apply our 2-part epoxy filler to all corner voids. 
7. Hand brush all grout with color seal.   
8. Seal tile with clear, natural look, oil base, impregnator.

Dry Times
Before: Please don't use the areas the day we are scheduled to start the project. 
Floors & Tub/Showers After: 24 - 48 hrs before water use.
You can walk on tile only with socks immediately, only as needed.
Showers After: 48 hrs or 2 days before water use.

We do not just steam clean or lightly wipe the surface.
Learn more about T.G.C, our Tile and Grout Cleaning Product> 

We do not use traditional grout or caulk to ensure lasting beautiful results. 
Learn more about C.G.R, our Caulk and Grout Replacement Product>

We do not use cheap or easy to use coatings and sealers. 
Learn more about P.G.C, our Pigmented Grout Coating Product>

Shower soap scum
Color Seal Travertine Shower with Efflorescence - Before.jpeg
Shower seal
Color Seal Travertine Shower with Efflorescence - After.jpeg

Schedule an onsite ESTIMATE/CONSULT:

Have an estimator come to you, gather the information we need and explain our services that work best for you and your unique surfaces.


We can provide a detailed quote with just a few photos showing the area.


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