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Don't Let Bar Soap Ruin Your Shower

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The sticky/foggy residue and mold/mildew issues your experiencing
is mostly caused by your bar soap.
When you switch to a liquid soap or shower gel, you will notice less foggy/mold/mildew buildup and a much easier surface to maintain. The bar is a sticky residue of soap and when you use it, it applies this sticky residue to the surfaces that easily builds up over time. The same reason it sticks to itself to create the bar, it sticks to everything else and it's an oil that cannot be easily removed. 

Bar Soap
You can find as much as 70-80% of sodium tallowate in your bar of soap, which is made by heating animal fat (recycled from slaughter houses) into an oil. The animal fat oil gets into the pores of the surface, creating bacteria growth, feeding the mold/mildew to grow strong and the oil composition keeps it trapped in the pores and very difficult to remove. Your traditional or natural bar soaps are creating the endless cleaning cycle with continuous mold/mildew growth and stubborn foggy/dinginess.

The harsh cleaning products and methods adds strain to your shower surfaces and wears down sealers or coatings. Your grout microscopically removes every time you clean or scrub, opening the pores to become dirty again more quickly if not sealed(creating the endless cycle that seems to get worse every time you clean). Overtime your grout will dwindles away, metal fixtures and stone will loose its sheen, turning dull and etched. 

Liquid Soap
Shower gel/liquid soap is designed to rinse easily with water while you shower, making it much easier to keep the surface clean. No sticky animal fat prevents the stubborn buildup and mold/mildew growth from ever happening!! Note (some shower gels/liquid soaps can buildup or dye surfaces overtime if not rinsed or cleaned off). 

We understand your skin and health is most important, although most bar soaps will cause extra wear and cleaning methods to keep your tile and grout healthy. 
We ask that you stop using bar soap to experience an easy surface to maintain and get the most from our services. 

Shower Color Seal with Soap Scum - Before.jpeg
Shower Color Seal with Soap Scum - After.jpeg
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