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Clean & Clear-Seal Process

Tiled Floor, Dirty
Clean & Clear Sealed
Clean, Color Seal & Clear Seal


Clean & Clear Sealed

Add on Color Seal

Perfect For
Stone Surfaces
Dirt, Grease and Soap Scum Buildup
Removing Waterbase Sealers and Coatings
Removing Traditional Grout Haze
Prepping for Sealing

Dirty showers, might just need a professional cleaning, maybe wasn't sealed or your using bar soap and experiencing soap scum buildup.

With everyday use, dirt/grime gets imbedded within the tile and grout, making it difficult to keep clean. Grout is porous and needs sealer to maintain color.

Most simply wipe the surfaces, use steam water or improper cleaners, not removing all dirt, soil and bacteria, then trapping the remaining dirt below the sealer. We deep clean/prep with our Tile & Grout Cleaner and clear seal all surfaces with the proper Clear Sealer​ to prevent dirt buildup. 

Features and Benefits
Clean and Sanitized Surfaces
Great add-on to Caulk or Grout Repairs
Oil Base Sealers to repeal water
Great for New Installations

Deep Cleaning to remove the dirt and perfect blend of clear oil to protect.
Some grout or stone staining can still be present, color sealing the grout will ensure a perfectly uniform color.

1. Scrub all tile and grout with high alkaline cleaner and rinse.
2. Scrub all tile and grout with low ph cleaner and rinse.
3. Apply neutralizer, final rinse/retract and dry.
4. Seal grout and tile with clear, natural look, oil base, impregnator.

Dry Times
Before: Please don't use the areas the day we are scheduled to start the project. 
Floors After: 24 hrs before water use or normal traffic or dogs.
You can walk on with socks immediately, only as needed.

Showers After: 24 hrs before water use.

We do not just steam clean or lightly wipe the surface.
Learn more about T.G.C, our Tile and Grout Cleaning Product> 

We do not use traditional grout or caulk to ensure lasting beautiful results. 
Learn more about C.G.R, our Caulk and Grout Replacement Product>

What sealer is right for your surfaces. 
Learn more about our Clear Sealers>

Dirty White Floor_edited.png
Cleaned & Repaired.jpg
Add on Color Seal White Floor.jpg


Clean, Repair & Clear Sealed

Add on Color Seal

Ceramic Floor Dirty.jpg


Ceramic Floor Cleaned.jpg

Clean & Clear Sealed

Ceramic Floor Grout Coating.jpg

Add on Color Seal

Dirty Floor.JPEG
Cleaned Floor.JPEG


Clean & Clear Sealed

Color Sealed Floor.JPEG

Add on Color Seal

Clean, Repair & Clear Seal - Before.jpeg
Clean, Repair & Clear Seal - After.jpeg
Clean, Repair & Clear Seal - After.jpeg

Without Color Seal

Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Bath - Before.jpeg
Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Slate Shower - Before.jpeg
Clean & Clear Seal Floor - Before.jpeg
Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Bath - After.jpeg
Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Slate Shower - After.jpeg
Clean & Clear Seal Floor - After.jpeg

Schedule an onsite ESTIMATE/CONSULT:

Have an estimator come to you, gather the information we need and explain our services that work best for you and your unique surfaces.


We can provide a detailed quote with just a few photos showing the area.


New Day Tile LLC.  Woodstock, Ga

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