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Clear Sealers

 The right sealer for your surfaces
Clear Impregnators and Topical sealers, which is right for you?

> Natural look oil base - Wont change the appearance at all. Works best for wet areas with its natural oil repellents. Also used for a pre-grout sealer.
> Water base enhancer - Brings out the color of the stone, the finish is in between dry and wet look. Hides the dull or chalky look within weathered stone.

You can use on -
All stone, tile, grout, concrete or any surface suitable for water.

Do not use on -
Glass, painted surfaces or areas not suitable for water absorption.


Impregnating Sealers
Penetrates into the material and allows the stone to breathe!

Topical Sealers
Clear coating that drys on top to protect your natural material surfaces!

Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Slate Shower - Before.jpeg
Clean, Repair, Clear Seal Slate Shower - After.jpeg
Slate Floor Cleaned.JPG
Slate Floor Sealed, High Gloss.JPG
Slate Floor Before
Slate Floor Sealed

> High or low gloss(matte) water base - Will darken or enhance the surfaces, some stones require or manufacturer recommends using topicals, view below. Some grout will darken along with the stone, in most cases it does not occur as newer grout is designed to be unaffected, or the grout color seal process will prevent this for an additional charge.

Recommended material - 
Porous or dull stone, Slate, Saltillo, Flagstone, bricks and pavers.

Do not use on - 
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile, Polished stone, Glass, painted surfaces or areas not suitable for water absorption.

Goggles or face mask, respirator in ventilated area, gloves and arm protection.  

Precautions -
Keep out of reach of children and animals. 
If Inhaled -
Mild irritation. 
(Move to fresh air, if experiencing trouble breathing call 911, otherwise call poison control center). 
If in Eyes -
Avoid contact with eyes, clothing and skin, may cause inching burning.
(Immediately flush skin and eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.)
If Swallowed -
Do not drop or strike containers.
(Call a poison control center immediately, sip a glass of water if able to swallow and do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by poison control center).  

Instructions using Impregnators-
Pour contents into a sprayer and apply to all desired surfaces. While not allowing the sealer to dry on the surface allow the surface the absorb the sealer for 3-5min and buff residue from surfaces. Look for excess or sticky remaining sealer, if so you can reapply the sealer to loosen the dried on sealer. For porous surfaces, apply a second coat. For polished stone or tile, use S.P to remove streaking or residue from surfaces. 

Instructions using Topicals-
Pour contents into a sprayer and apply to small reachable areas. Using an applicator pad, spread or wipe sealer to leave a even thin coat. Proceed with spraying sections and spreading surfaces as you work your way out the room or area. If the sealer dries within 20min an additional coat is required, continue to apply 2-3 coats or until it takes longer then 20-30min to dry. The surface is sealed, thick applications or any additional coats will make the product to thick, creating a weak gel like coat that may peel or wear off easily.

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