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Shower Restorations

Not just a clean and re-grout. We Repair and Prevent.


Clean_Seal Shower Remove
Out with the old and in with the new
  • Inside shower corners and seams are expansion joints.  
  • It’s required to create a void for new caulk/grout to fill and bond to.
  • All expansion joints must be free from caulk and grout.
  • Incomplete removal will lead to cracks, peeling and mold.


Clean_Seal Shower Prep
Clean past what you can’t see
  • Bacteria and repellants cannot be seen.
  • It’s vital to design a pure and clean surface. 
  • All surfaces must be clean and free from contaminates. 
  • Traditional products and methods simply don't work.


Clean_Seal Shower Repair
Understand the problem to find the solution
  • Loose tile causes grout to crack and water to pass through. 
  • It’s important to find and repair all areas.
  • Secure loose tile and fill required grout joints.
  • Small cracks and gaps can create big problems.


Clean_Seal Shower Prevent
Don’t allow your grout to absorb bacteria
  • Grout is naturally porous and needs seal.
  • Grout must be properly sealed.
  • We hand brush all grout with color coating barrier seal.
  • Cleaning without sealing invites stains and bacteria to return more quickly, creating an endless cycle of headaches. 

1. Can you change the grout color?

Yes. We can darken or lighten the grout color.

2. How long before I can use the shower area again?

Wait 48hrs before wetting or using the shower.

3. Why can’t I keep my shower clean?

Due to porous grout and non-sealed or cheap temporary sealers and the harsh environment, there is no way to maintain the grout and caulk.  Harsh cleaners remove a microscopic layer of grout each time, leaving the grout more porous to accept stains quicker and you will notice the grout disappearing overtime. 

4. Do I need to color seal the grout?


The first thing your eyes see is the grout, due to color differences throughout. Imagine the grout completely uniform in color and matching the tile color. This will ensure a brand new appearance and allow your eye to focus on the tile. 


Once the grout is color coated, it simply becomes non-porous and cannot accept staining mold or mildew. Allowing for easy and clean maintenance results.

5. What if I don’t maintain the area after it’s restored?

No worries. We understand today’s busy schedules and landlord positions. In the case the area becomes soiled, understand it’s simply laying on top of the seal and can be easily removed leaving the same appearance as the day we restored it.

Shower Efflorescence

We know the problem and we found the solution

  • Prevent further damage 
  • Chemically remove underneath
  • Clean flowing drain 
  • Waterproofed shower floor 
  • Easy Add-on to your shower restoration
  • Available 5-year Warranty
  • You will notice a whitish concrete appearance on the tile, grout and drain screen.
  • We remove the efflorescence from tile, grout and drain.
  • All infected grout must be completely removed.
  • Chemically remove efflorescence you can’t see
  • We combine tested chemicals and processes to ensure complete removal
  • Incorporate with your shower restoration to repair and prevent
  1. What is Efflorescence?

Calcium deposits from the concrete underneath the tile. 

2. What causes efflorescence in showers?

Efflorescence is caused from water that escapes through cracked, missing or damaged grout and caulk, which constantly keeps the mud-bed wet. As concrete stays saturated for 3 weeks or longer it starts to deposit calcium.

3. What if I don’t have the efflorescence professionally repaired?

Efflorescence is a growth. It will quickly fill all cavities and expose itself through the weakest outlet. If you can see efflorescence on the tile surface, it is already taking over coming up through the drain and grout joints. It will persistently force its way up until the concrete becomes brittle and cracks. Tiles will become loose from the surface and soon the entire shower will need to be removed or replaced.

4. How can you prevent efflorescence?

A properly underlying waterproofing system will prevent efflorescence. Most installers are simply unknowingly skipping the 3 most important steps. The pre-slope, pea-gravel around the drain and clearing the weep holes. Forgetting just one of these steps will cause efflorescence. 

5. How does your process repair and prevent efflorescence now?

Efflorescence needs water; stop feeding it water and it can’t grow. Without replacing the shower pan completely, we surface waterproof all surfaces to stop water from passing through and saturating the concrete. The concrete will begin to dry out and the efflorescence will become dormant. 

Schedule an onsite ESTIMATE/CONSULT:

Have an estimator come to you, gather the information we need and explain our services that work best for you and your unique surfaces.


Same day accurate quotes, simply providing us the information we need.

  • Allows us the access to seal all potential areas
  • Complete Enclosure caulk removal 
  • Frame sludge removal
  • Knowledgeable inspection and repair
  • Newly secure and aligned enclosure 
  • Feel good knowing we covered all facets
  • Easy Add-on to your shower restoration
Enclosure Leak.JPG
Enclosure Leak.JPG
  • Framed enclosures are notorious for starting and assisting in water leaks
Enclosure Shower.JPG
Enclosure Seam.JPG
  • The corners of the gaskets and outside seams expose easy access for water
Enclosure Removed.JPG
  • Experienced in foolproof disassembly and accurate reassembly 
  1. Will you remove the spots from the glass?

We clean and seal the glass. In most cases the white spots on the glass is etching, caused by long abuse from soaps and water; these etched spots will all be removed. 

2. Can you change the finish of the metal frame?

Yes. We can change your gold frame to another finish (Black, White, Bronze or Chrome) which compliments the bathroom.

3. Can you replace the shower door sweep?

Yes. We can get, cut and install most shower door sweeps.

4. Why is there always mold in the caulk and seams of my enclosure?

With framed enclosures the design allows water to penetrate through and dwell within the channels. This creates a perfect damp cool environment for mold to grow.  We must remove the enclosure to seal underneath and the frame as its re-assembled to prevent future mold & mildew growth. 

5. Do I need to have my enclosure sealed underneath?

If your shower is leaking, we must not only repair and waterproof the shower; the enclosure is notorious for being the culprit.

Enclosure Seal Under.JPG
Enclosure Under.JPG
  • Protect underneath and guarantee results

Shower Enclosure

Expose Underneath to reveal the truth

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