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Floor Restoration

Not just a clean and re-grout. We Repair and Prevent.

Bathroom Floor white Before 3.JPG
Bathroom floor white After 3.jpeg
Powder-room Floor white Before.JPG
Powder-room Floor white After.jpeg
Before Floor.png
After Floor.png
Spray Cleaner
Grout Cleaner.png
Machine Scrub
Tile Scrubber.png
Hand Scrub
Scrub Grout.png
Scrub Edges
Srub Edge.png
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Dirty Cleaner.png
Hand Brush Grout Color Seal 
Grout Color Seal 2.png
Grout Color Seal 1.png
  1. How do you calculate the cost?

The largest variables are overall size/condition, tile/grout size/layout, and needed services. 

2. Can you change the grout color?

Yes. We can darken or lighten the grout color.

3. How long before I can step on the floor?

Wait 4-6 hours before walking on the floors and 24 hours before wetting or putting rugs and furniture back.

4. Why can’t I keep my floors clean?

Most household and commercial cleaning methods simply moves the dirt around and at best pushes it off the tile to become trapped into the grout joints. Without scrubbing the dirt and retracting it from the floor it will never be clean. And without professionally sealing the grout and tile, you will have no chance to keep it clean. . 

5. Do I need to color seal the grout?


The first thing your eyes see is the grout, due to differences in color throughout. Imagine the grout completely uniform in color and matching the tile color. This will ensure a brand new appearance and allow your eye to focus on the tile. 


Once the grout is color coated, it simply becomes non-porous and cannot accept stains. Allowing for easy and clean maintenance results.

6. What if I don’t maintain the area after it’s restored?

No worries. We understand today’s busy schedules and landlord positions. In the case the area becomes soiled, understand it’s simply laying on top of the seal and can easily be loosened and retracted from the floor leaving the same appearance as the day we restored it.

Schedule an onsite ESTIMATE/CONSULT:

Have an estimator come to you, gather the information we need and explain our services that work best for you and your unique surfaces.


Same day accurate quotes, simply providing us the information we need.

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