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New Home Prevention Program 

1. Cracking Grout?
2. Discolored Grout?
3. Grout Darkens when Wet?
Read the Signs
These issues will eventually lead to unhealthy and costly problems.
Cracking Grout: Will cause water to pass through the tile and saturate the concrete mud-bed underneath. Which causes efflorescence, mold/mildew, bacteria, staining and eventually structural problems.
Discolored Grout: Is your grout already giving you problems, are you working hard to keep it clean? This is a common problem that most learn to live with or stay frustrated running in circles. No more, we have the solution to stop this endless cycle.
Grout Darkening When Wet: This is a sure sign of porous/unsealed grout. We must protect your grout now to prevent uncontrollable situation later. Once mold/mildew, bacteria and/or staining take over we can't never keep it away 100%.
Have it professionally sealed today and live worry free. 
Why Now
Less expensive to prevent: The cost to prevent your Tile & Grout is a fraction of the cost now before the issues arise. An average new home shower will only cost $250 now and can range from a minimum $500 in repairs/restore to $1000s replacing. If you are experiencing any signs above, you must protect yourself and your investment.
Avoid mold and bacteria growth and affects: Mold/Mildew and Bacteria thrive in damp environments and your shower is a perfect cozy spot. Once its settles in there is no way to remove it without a complete tear out. Don't risk your health or investment for a small cost today to prevent it all.
Makes for easy maintenance: Once we seal your Tile & Grout, you will enjoy a non-porous surface that does not allow anything to penetrate the grout. Impurities can simply be remove with a wipe of a cloth or sponge. To easy to believe? let us show you today.
Enjoy your consistently clean tile and grout: Most of us live with these issues day after day, only to wait until you are moving out or it starts to fall apart before we decide to spend. Not only will it cost so much more then, you have been living with the burden, why not prevent this and enjoy your Tile & Grout the entire time for a fraction of the cost now.
Protect your Investment: Your home is the biggest purchase you will make, It is your whole life and can be overwhelming some times. We are here to help with your Tile & Grout needs, lets mark 1 thing off the worry about list. A cost of a dinner night now will prevent the cost of a mortgage payment later.

New Shower

Cracking Grout?

Stained Grout?

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