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Successfully Completed

Thank you for confirming your job with New Day Tile (“NDT”)

Before Job

We have received your confirmation details and will secure your day(s) on the schedule.

A few days before the job we will send you a reminder, we ask that you please respond to confirm!

Work areas should be dry before our arrival, showers can be used the day before.(Unless its leaking or holding water, please allow longer drying time)

Have all items removed from work areas and walkways.

Arrange for someone to be home upon arrival and completion.

Inform us of any special requests or requirements. 

Inform us of any other job questions, concerns or areas before arrival.

Have payment ready for tech to collect upon completion (cash, check, zelle or card(3.6% extra charge)

Your professional tech will arrive in an embroidered shirt, polo or jacket with business card and shoe covers.

We will walk through the job with you and answer or ask any questions we may have.

We work very precisely and efficiently to finish the job in a timely manner and keep on schedule for all customers, please respect the technicians time and allow us to focus on your specific job.

We can can complete our best work for educated and ready customers, when your ready for us and understand the work we are performing for your prior to our arrival we can spend all time allocated for your job to make it absolutely perfect. Some jobs are quick and we will have multiple stops that day or a bigger job with a lengthy process and many steps. The more wasted time checking in or chitchatting, the less time your tech will have to complete the job and may feel rushed instead of relaxed and completely focused on his day and work.

Your tech will review the completed job with you and collect the remaining balance by cash, check, zelle or card has 3.6% extra charge from square.

Showers wait 48hrs or 2 days before wetting or using.  

Floors wait 4hrs to walk freely and 12hrs or next day to place rugs/furniture. (tiles can be walked on  immediately if avoiding the grout)

Maintain with approved products and methods and let us know if you have any questions, problems or concerns.

All jobs have a 1 year guarantee (unless specified otherwise) and most are approved for our 5-year warranty. 

Your Job

During Job

After Job

Payment Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the services of New Day Tile LLC (“NDT”).
By selecting you agree to the payment terms and conditions, you have read and understand these guidelines and have no additional questions. 

No person has authority to make representations other than those in this writing. Any representations made in connection with the sale of this product or process that differs from the terms of these conditions are not valid and should be brought to the attention of NDT immediately.

I agree to be the authorized card holder or authorized to use this card. I understand, agree to pay and authorize to charge my credit card. I further agree that in the event my credit card becomes invalid, I will provide a new valid credit card and will be responsible for any outstanding balances owed with fees. 

What if I decide to reschedule my Job appointment?
Please contact asap, you may reschedule your appointment 1 week before your start date without any fees or penalties. We will discuss our next open availabilities and reschedule your appointment. Rescheduling your appointment after the 1 week required time will be subject to fees or penalties including but not limited to forfeiting your entire deposit. 
We understand that special unavoidable circumstances may cause you to reschedule your appointment. In this instance your deposit can be held for your rescheduled date deposit, but only with management approval. You might be asked to prove the unavoidable circumstance as you describe.
We will reschedule your appointment 1 time, on the second time you will forfeit half your deposit and will need to pay that half again to be placed on the calendar for the third time. The third time you need to reschedule, you will forfeit all deposits and not allowed to do work with NDT.

What if I decide to cancel my Job appointment?
Please contact asap, you may cancel your appointment 2 weeks before your start date without any fees or penalties. Canceling your appointment after the 2 week required time will be subject to forfeiting your entire deposit. 

What if I don't show?
Please contact asap, you may reschedule or cancel your appointment before your date without any fees or penalties.
If we arrive at the location given and nobody answers, we will wait up to 15min (5-10min is acceptable) and will be considered a no show. In this instance your deposit will be forfeited and you will have to contact the office for our consideration of rescheduling. If we decide there is enough time to turn back and return the same day, half your deposit amount will be forfeited. If the address or contact info provided is incorrect and causes delays there will be fees or penalties associated.


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