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What You Need to Do
We include all supplies or materials needed. 

Work areas should be dry upon arrival:
You can use or wet the shower the night before.

Please have all items removed from work areas:
Personal items should be cleared from work surfaces areas and pathways.
We normally work alone and not equipped to move large or heavy furniture. 

Arrange for someone to be home upon our arrival and completion to:
Answer any questions before we get started.
Technician will collect upon completion.

Please inform us of any special requirements or requests:
Work times

Added Costs
(If Not Added or Described in Quote)

Glass enclosure caulk
Changing to light grout color over dark grout
Opposite grout color to tile
Pictures provided not showing entire areas
Description provided not accurate

Surprise Costs

Excessive grout repairs
Loose tile complications
Excessively weak substrates

Confirmation Form
Fill out form below to confirm your job appointment and check any additional options boxes you want to include or receive pricing for. This will allow for us to update your quote and provide our technician with the exact details for your restoration. A deposit is required for scheduling. If you do not provide these additional details, your job can be delayed, resulting in additional costs and possible non refund of this scheduling deposit.

Restoration Shower After
Additional Shower Options
Additional Floor or Backsplash Options
Select an item ($)
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