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Our Processes

 1. Caulk Replacement - Remove all existing caulk or grout from voids and replace ​with an epoxy filler, then color coated to match the existing area. 

 2. Clean and Color Seal Grout - Deep clean and hand brush color coating to all grout.

 3. Complete Restorations - Remove all existing caulk or grout from corner voids, deep clean and                 sanitize. Fill voids with an epoxy filler and hand brush color coating to all grout.

 4. Efflorescence Removal - Add on to your shower restoration. Remove visible efflorescence from the surface by hand, chemically remove underneath and fill damaged or missing grout. Combined with the Restoration process to help fight against it from returning. 

 5. Glass Enclosure Removal and Re-Install - Remove your existing enclosure to clean, seal and        waterproof underneath. Precisely reinstall.

6. Glass Polishing -  Removes rust, oxidation, mold/mildew and hard water from tile and glass. 

7. New Glass Enclosure Installations - Remove old enclosure if applicable. Measure, order and install new frameless shower enclosure systems. 

 8. New Tile Installations - Remove existing surfaces, inspect substrate, install hardiboard and                  waterproof. Confirm layout, design, pattern and install new tile and grout per ANSI and the NTCA                specifications. 

Pricing is based on averages, your price may be more or less then listed below. ​

1. Caulk Replacement - No more moldy and bulky uneven caulk, we apply a silhouette bead that blends right into the area.

  • Shower $300

  • Tub-Surround $15

  • Tub-Shower $250

  • Enclosure $200

  • LF $9

2. Clean and Color Seal Grout - We eliminate the uneven discolored grout that darkens when wet and coat it with a uniform color throughout that waterproofs and creates a non porous grout surface that can easily be cleaned and maintained.

  • Sqft Floor and Wall $2

  • Shower $400

  • Tub-Surround $100

  • Tub-Shower $200

3. Complete Restorations - This includes the Caulk Elimination and Clean/Color Seal processes together to create a complete restoration.

  • Shower $600

  • Tub-Surround $250

  • Tub-Shower $450

4. Efflorescence Removal - Fight against efflorescence before it takes over and causes you to replace the entire shower.

  • Add on to Shower Restore $150

  • Without Shower Restore $350

5. Glass Enclosure Removal and Re-Install - Do you know whats hiding underneath your frame? Framed enclosures hold water and grime and can be the corporate to leaking shower complications. ​

  • Framed $400

6. Glass Polishing - Tired of foggy glass or unwanted staining? We can revive to better then new.

  • Shower Enclosures $150

  • Spot Removal - Included with surface restorations. 

7. New Glass Enclosure Installs - Want to upgrade your framed enclosure for a new frameless or need to add-on to your new shower installation, we can help!

  • Frameless $1000 - $2000

8. Tile Installations - We install tile following ANSI and NTCA specifications, the county code is to lenient and unknown to real tile installation methods to last. 

  • Shower $2500

  • Tub-Shower $1200

  • Sqft Floor and Walls $4

Schedule an onsite ESTIMATE/CONSULT:

Have an estimator come to you, gather the information we need and explain our services that work best for you and your unique surfaces.


Same day accurate quotes, simply providing us the information we need.


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