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Tile Install Floors

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Concrete Board

  • Apply thinnest to subfloor and install like tile
  • Screw board to subfloor

Seam Tape

  • Ensure all screw heads are sunk below the surface
  • Vacuum and sponge wipe all boards
  • Apply resin seam tape to all joints and edges


  • Fill gaps using thin-set
  • Apply waterproofing and crack prevention membrane
Backer Board.jpg
Meash Tape.jpg

Layout and Install

  • Dry lay tile for accuracy and cut tile placement
  • Confirm design, layout, grout size and perimeter trim 
  • Apply thin-set to adhere and level tile
  • Install full (non cut) tiles
Install tile.jpg
Install cut tile.jpg

Cut Tile & Install Grout

  • Measure and cut tile to fit exact
  • Dry fit to ensure perfection before applying
  • Remove excess thin-set from open joints and tile surface
  • Vacuum all joints and surfaces before applying grout

Grout & Natural Stone is Porous

  • While your ceramic and porcelain tile comes with a non-porous baked finish, grout is as porous as concrete and will get dirty and stain just as easy, if not properly sealed
  • We can apply a colored gel coating to your grout to change the color, adds water/dirt/stain/mold proofing, crack prevention and color uniformity even when wet.
  • Seal small and or intricate grout and natural stone using a clear impregnator.

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