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We can restore your existing Tile & Grout to better then new and at a fraction of the time and cost of replacing.
Our friendly staff blend in with your employees and or guests
Little to no down time
Flexible with changing occupancy levels
All shifts available
Execute common areas and lobby during overnight hours
We want to educate you
Mock-ups available
Give you the power to make the best decision for your business
Moldy Caulk?
Dirty Grout?
Inspector insisting a remodel or upgrade?
Read the Signs
Do you want to feel dirty when you pay to be a guest?
Moldy Caulk: Will allow water to pass through the tile and cause mold/mildew, bacteria, staining and eventually structural problems leading to costly problems. We eliminate the caulk replacement cycle by fixing the underlying problem.
Discolored Grout: No more, we have the solution to stop this endless cycle. We apply a colored barrier to your grout that simply cannot stain.
Inspector want you to upgrade: .Don't get trapped in the unknown costs and time in the traditional fashion. We guarantee to make any inspector happy your hotel is representing there brand.
These complaints lead to refunds and eventually lower rates.
Together we can raise your star status, occupancy and rates.



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