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New Tile Installations


What You Need to purchase
We include all supplies or materials behind the tile and will discard all trash. 

You are responsible for:
Tile edging
Solid curb, bench or ledge tops

Other providers
Plumbing (Partnered with)
Drywall (Partnered with)
Countertops (Partnered with)
Glass Enclosure (Partnered with) 
Electrical (Partnered with)
Cabinet/Vanity (Partnered with)
Trim/Paint (Partnered with)

Added Costs
(If Not Added or Described in Quote)

Natural Stone
Intricate tile, designs or layouts
Multiple grout colors
Bench, shelfs, inset soap niche, zero entry

Surprise Costs
(Learn during demo)

Double layered tile, flooring or walls
Excessively weak or uneven substrates
Rotten wood repairs or replacement
Plumbing complications
Delays controlled by customer

Seal Upgrade Options

Grout color coating>

Epoxy filler for corner seams>

Day 1

We will need you home, the first part of the day so the technician can review and confirm:

Design and layout
Bench, soap niche and shelf, for size, placement and design 
Grout color
Materials and inform you of missing or additional needs

Confirmation Form
Fill out form below to confirm your job appointment and check any additional options boxes you want to price or include. This will allow for us to update your quote and provide our technician with the exact details for your installation. If you do not provide these additional details, your job can be delayed, resulting in additional costs and possible non refund of your scheduling deposit. A deposit is required for scheduling.

Additional Shower Options
Additional Floor or Backsplash Options
Select Deposit Amount Below
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