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  • Sqft Floor and Wall $2

  • Shower $400

  • Tub-Surround $100

  • Tub-Shower $200

  • Minimum Charge $100

  • Cleaner

  • Terry Cloths

  • ColorSeal

  • Clear Natural Impregnating Seal

  • 2 - Sprayers

  • Grout Hand Scrub Brush and Pole

  • Tile Scrub Pad

  • Floor Scrub Machine (if applicable)

  • Vacuum, Hose and Attachments

  • Air Blower

  • Cups

  • Brush


1. Deep clean all tile and grout -
  • ​Mix and fill cleaner and neutralizer sprayers with hot water.
  • Spray all tile and grout with cleaner.
  • Scrub all grout and re-apply cleaner as needed, not allowing it to dry on the surfaces. 
  • Scrub all tile and re-apply cleaner as needed, not allowing it to dry on the surfaces. 
  • Rinse walls or floors with neutralizer and retract all loose dirt/debris and liquids.
  • Final rinse and retract.
2. Vacuum and dry the area -
  • Vacuum and clean any remaining debris in your work area.
  • Apply blower and wipe all areas dry.
3. Inspect for damaged tile or grout -
  • Scan the entire work area for damaged tile or grout.
  • Contact the salesman or your manager, to provide correct pricing for additional work.
  • Inform the customer of any findings and additional work or pricing. 
4. Hand brush color-seal to all grout -
  • Apply small samples of colors for the customer to choose from.
  • Allow the color to dry for 10min before confirming the color with the customer.
  • Ask the customer to choose from one of the options.
  • Once you have confirmed the color, mix or pour into a cup.
  • Using a paint brush, paint all grout perfectly and wipe excess off the tile as you go.
5. Apply impregnating sealer to all tile -
  • Spray and wipe clear sealer to all tile. This will also remove unwanted haze and provide a final light cleaning.
  • Any grout that darkens is unsealed and color-seal will need to be applied to those grout joints.


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